About Us


Create, protect and reinforce your brand identity

Values to Our Clients


Over 10 years of brand promotion experience for international enterprises and organizations.

MOLI aims to establish long-term relationship with clients to guarantee
consistent brand management. We have excellent track records with all clients for quality and service.

High performance/price ratio
High quality standard, consistent brand management, competitive price,
bilingual staff, fast response, on-time delivery, client-oriented detail-oriented services

Behind the Name

'MOLI' is the Chinese word for 'magic' - a traditional craft that elicits an emotional response to an apparently simple presentation.

Likewise, successful design creates an instantaneous and lasting impression on the hearts and minds of its audience.

Yet, in each case, the simplicity of the performance is deceiving.

Both crafts rely heavily on the combination of experience, intuition, talent, and hard work to ensure a flawless production every time.

At MOLI, we have brought together these elements to provide clients the service, quality, and support they should expect in a design company.

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